HOST-ING: A computer on the internet that provides the service of storing and linking web site data to end users.

URL: An address for a resource available on the Internet.
(example: ®)

SEARCH ENGINE: A (usually web-based) system for searching the information available on the Web. (eg: Google ®)

SEO: (Search Engine Optimization) The practice of designing web pages so that they rank as high as possible in search results from search engines.

SERVER: A computer used to host web sites.

DEDICATED SERVER: When referring to web hosting, a Dedicated Server means that this server is private for a single or group of web sites. This way the band width and traffic volume can be controlled in a way that allows more efficient service for the web sites that are hosted on the server machine. Often allowing end-users to surf at much faster speeds. This is especially advantageous for web sites that receive high traffic volume.

Portfolio has over ten years experience in designing web sites for organizations and companies of all sizes.

We have assisted many area businesses in achieving their goals of entering the world of internet commerce. We are proud of our expertise in this field and offer our services as a contribution to the economic development goals of area organizations, communities, and businesses.

Indiana Region, Cadillac & LaSalle Club

We designed, developed, host and maintain the award winning web site of the

Indiana Region of the Cadillac and LaSalle Club

In June 2009 at the International Cadillac and LaSalle convention in Las Vegas, PrairieNerds co-owner, Jim Snell won the Web Site Excellence Award for his work with this web site.

Earl Park, Indiana's Web Site

We designed, developed, and host the Earl Park Indiana web site. This web site can be found on Yahoo’s Search Engine as the #1 result under a search for “Earl Park, Indiana”. The Earl Park web site has an easy to use format which allows users of all skill levels access to useful information about the community. The Earl Park Indiana web site features a page which profiles the development of the Benton County Wind Energy Farm. In September 2008, this page alone received more than 11,000 unique visitors. Web Site is the official web host, site designer and developer for Rising Sun Imports, Inc. Rising Sun Imports is the United States wholesale spare parts warehouse distribution center for the Spanish GASGAS® racing motorcycles and related accessories.

Their official site, was optimized for search engines at the end of 2005 and redeveloped in August 2006 by

Since that time, the Rising Sun Imports web site has been consistently at the top of the list in multiple search categories. Just Imagine, this small company in Earl Park is featured as the number one result in categories with more than one million internet search references!

After doing the SEO for the in 2005 the number of visitors per day went from an average of 26 in 2004 to 72 per day in 2005. With many visitors, but not many of them finding exactly what they were looking for, was enlisted for a complete web site redesign in August 2006. Since that time the number of visitors has steadily increased. Averaging 117 visits per day in 2006, 148 per day in 2007. Continuing the growth, the site averaged 261 visits per day in 2008.

The following is a list of Top Rankings has achieved since joining forces with

#1 search engine key word rankings:

Additional Top Ten Rankings: Web Site

In August 2005, created a web site for the detailed restoration of a 1959 Chevrolet Impala. The site went live within one week of starting construction and has continued to grow in size.

In 2005 the site averaged 7 visits per day, in 2006, 77 visits per day. An 1100% increase in per day web traffic. Imagine an 1100% increase in traffic for your business! In 2008 this web site receives an average of 463 visits per day!

Consistently in the past two years, has been the #1 Ranked site on most search engines when searching for “59 impala”, “1959 Chevrolet impala”, and “1959 impala”. The site has even been noticed as the only site with detailed information on a custom 1959 El Camino titled “The Ultimus”.

In 2008 the site was inducted into

The Collectors Weekly "HALL OF FAME"

Fowler Pest Control

Fowler Pest Control asked about a web site build for their locally owned Pest Control businesses. They have an office located in nearby Fowler, Indiana and an Illinois based office in Iroquois, IL. We have worked with them on the SEO to successfully build their company's Google and Yahoo search rankings in a highly competitive marketplace.

Other Web Sites is the official web host, site designer and developer for GASGAS USA. is the official web host, site designer and developer for the popular WA-SHOOS game.